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The Sponsorship Guide

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The Sponsorship Guide has been created for sponsors in all 12 step programs. It has been designed as a "working tool" for a sponsor to utilize with their newcomers. It is laid out in a simple, concise, and thorough manner. Its main object is to help a sponsor build a "working relationship" with the newcomer by taking them through the twelve steps of recovery. It's author is a well known member of the recovery community who speaks at conventions, leads men's and women's spiritual retreats, takes rehabilitation clients and sober house clients through the 12 steps and is well respected amongst his peers. Robbie felt as though a "twelve step guide" such as this was dearly needed in the recovery community. So Robbie, while on the road in Hotel Rooms and on flights to and from his speaking engagements, created this remarkable and simple book to help others. Originally he had only planned to utilize it in his retreats, until a "Nun" at one of his retreats TOLD HIM to author a book. He knew he needed to listen to her! Robbie had noticed during his recovery that many members of twelve step fellowships utilized certain tools of recovery, such as: sponsorship, meetings and fellowship. However, many fell drastically short of participating in the actual intense and introspective taking of their twelve steps with an informed sponsor - who has been through the process. That is exactly why he created this book! Robbie realized over the last three decades of his personal recovery journey, the absolute need for the person in recovery to find a program of action - if they were to live a peaceful, contented, and successful life. Group therapy, while extremely helpful to many, does not, in his experience, hold enough depth and weight to sustain a bountiful and long term recovery for the sufferer. Nothing short of continuous action on the twelve steps; with the help of a sponsor, has the ability to sustain a newcomer's attention. Once we 'get their attention' by wal

Your Own Personal New Orleans Tour (travel Guide)

RRP $15.99

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Bestseller on Amazon!"Now I want to visit New Orleans more than ever! The author has a way to make the streets and flavors come alive in his writing. The content is relevant and to the point. I could have highlighted the entire book."- DeeCee3 (Amazon customer)

"Very helpful, anxious to go there now! It's simple and to the point not long and drawn out. I'm headed to NOLA with my bestie for mother's day and after reading this book, we can't wait!"- Kindle customer

"Great. He explains locations and establishments that appeal to anyone lucky enough to visit this fabulous city. Whether you are a return visitor or about to experience NOLA for the first time this book has top rate information."- Honey (Kindle Customer)

"jazzes you up in all departments. This is a great little read that does a nice job of condensing the must eats, dos, and music scenes of NOLA. Technically more than seven items, you are left wanting to visit them all. I really enjoyed the personal voice of a native." - Lady Literature (Amazon customer)

INTENDED FOR VISITORS AND LOCALS ALIKE this New Orleans travel guide is short and concise written by a native of the city who knows where to go and what to do in planning for a perfect visit to this historic, fun-loving, northern Caribbean city.

NO WADING THROUGH LIST AFTER LIST of suggestions like your typical Fodor's or Lonely Planet, this travel book was put together by a full-fledged local who knows the best places to go to have an authentic New Orleans experience.

* the best restaurants with the most delicious food authentic New Orleans food,
?* elegant hotels in all price ranges,?
* great bars for fantastic libations,
?* insider sightseeing tips,
?* popular music venues ?
* and other fine suggestions on how to have an all around memorable time in the Crescent City.

NEW ORLEANS is a city like no other. Over the centuries it's been sung about and written about as this mysterious, dream-like place almost magical in its effect on people.

IT'S SAID THAT VISITING NEW ORLEANS is like traveling to Europe in a language you'll understand without all the hassle and expense. The Crescent City speaks the language of hospitality second-to-none with a world-wide reputation for fabulous food, world-class music and never-ending good times.

WITH THIS TRAVEL GUIDE IN HAND you'll easily be able to create your own personal New Orleans tour with insider tips that only a local would know. It's the hope of the author that you'll get a taste of some of the magic that makes the Crescent City truly unique.

So scroll up the page and click on the orange button to the right and order your own copy of this winning New Orleans travel guide and you can be on your way to having a fabulous time in the Crescent City!

An American Chicks Guide To Italy

RRP $16.99

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"An American Chick's Guide to Italy" is the perfect book to tuck into your carryon and learn how to avoid mistakes when traveling in the beautiful country of Italy. The book is divided into anecdotal experiences that are humorous and heart-warming. The chapters include renting villas, transportation, restaurants, hotels and even a chapter on flirting. At the conclusion of each chapter, there are useful websites and tips, especially for women traveling alone. Practical and fun information coupled with funny stories, this guide will amuse the reader and offer critical facts....such as taking washcloths to Italy. Italian hotels do not offer them. Did you know that train station boards only give you a final destination of your train...not your particular stop? What about renting a villa in Italy? Today, anything can look good on the internet. The author travels to Italy often, speaks the language, and has learned how to navigate Italy with ease. Travel for the experience, not as a tourist, and soak up the culture, the people, the food, the beauty.

The Haunted Hotel (annotated)

RRP $13.99

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A kind, good-hearted genteel young woman jilted, a suspicious death or two that only a few think could be murder, strange apparitions appearing in an hotel all combine to create a horrifying conundrum. Who was the culprit and will finding out finally put an end to the mystery?

A Reader's Guide To Contemporary Literary Theory

RRP $473.99

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A Reader's Guide to Contemporary Literary Theory is a classic introduction to the complex yet crucial area of literary theory. This book is known for its clear, accessible style and its thorough, logical approach, guiding the reader through the essentials of literary theory. It includes two new chapters: 'New Materialisms' which incorporates ecocriticism, animal studies, posthumanism and thing theory; '21st Century and Future Developments' which includes technology, digital humanities, ethics and affect.


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